Friday, 8 February 2019

On the night of our wedding my husband was asking me where to put it.. lady cries out

A facebook user took to her wall to write a story about her sexual life, and means to a better sexual life with your partner

She wrote,

Sometimes women are the reason our men look outside I don't want to use the word cheat" Some  sisters will say "no matter what you do for a man the one that want to cheat will cheat"

 I vividly recall wen I got married 2017.My husband was a Catholic and I was a Pentecostal We met 2016and he said to me I don't want sex I want marriage I was like are you okay He said yes I was working same place with him in Ajah My sole aim was to chop his money and clean mouth We had a Christmas party at work and close late so he asked me to sleep over instead of going to the Mainland at such odd hour I obliged and when we got home He went to his room to sleep and asked me to sleep at his sister room I was wondering is this guy impotent cos he doesn't even make any move I just said to myself me I can't marry someone who can't do oo After about six month I got another job and left but he kept saying marriage TO cut d long story short After all said and done we got married. On our wedding night I was expecting an awesome sex my husband started running temperature and I was like what's the fuck is this I was so angry n felt lyk screaming but I kept my calm The next day it was time to make love he was asking where to put it Yeah mogbe where do I start from I felt lyk crying at 37 someone is asking me where to put his dick I told my mum am finished she told me to be patient I wasn't a virgin but I read a lot about sex and was ready to explore I had to calm down Explain things to him And was ready to teach him Why am I saying all this stories is because there are many of us with shy husband who needs us to make the first move Who feels that they are disturbing us late at night for sex and the fear of us screaming at them is what they don't want Bcuz I have that type of shy husband. Me wen I want it so bad I just go close but makes sure every where is neatly shaved,armpits shaved and our hair not smelling I just put my hand in his boxer and start playing with the stick Even if he's not in d mood I make him get in d mood.

Tips on how to make him get in d mood: If you have honey at home good but if you don't have pls get a cold pure water that is block or that has ice Break the ice into a bowl Put some in ur mouth and move close to him Put his dick inside ur mouth that has ice You can use a wipe to clean his dick before putting in ur mouth,pls suck d dick like wen u are licking lollipop sweet You see water dripping out of your mouth onto his laps once the ice is melted put another one in ur mouth in doing dis you are getting his stick hard hard and harder If he wants to suck ur honey put kindly let him do but believe me wen he finally enters you he will be feeling the walls of ur womb and trust me this is an experience he will Nevada forget forever For d honey part pour some on his stick and put little in ur mouth Lick it like you licking a sweet..


 1.fresh Morninga leaves
Tiger nuts
Peak milk
Blend all the ingredients smoothly add milk&honey its a very good booster&sweetener.

vaginal fluid boost

2 -Watermelon
cloves powder
peak milk or any other liquid milk
dates (remove the seed)
Combine all the ingredients in one place blend and can keep it in the refrigerator... This drink increases vaginal fluid.. No more dryness, vaginal fluid increases,xxx without difficulty&.max.satisfaction is achieved with this sweetener drink..

vaginal lubricating fluid 

This a bit slimy but it boost make ur lipton add milk&honey and finally whisk your eggs and to be taken in the night or in the morning


3- tigernuts
tigernuts,cloves&dates dry them If they are dried grind them and mix it with honey you can take 2 tablespoon each day👌🏻if honey its not available take it with milk. pineapple juice:add sugar or honey to it,it boost vaginal fluid -sugarcane -coconut water -tigernut juice -water melon juice

Try all these and thank me later 😉

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