Thursday, 24 January 2019

Truth Revealed,Bobrisky's mum is Alive!!

According to Enquirermag, it has been revealed  that bobrisky’s mother is not dead, that she is popularly known as Alhaja Bollington  and is hale and hearty.. they  also said  the reason why Bob neglected his family.

Bobrisky said,
Mum, I love you with all my heart, I’m hustle back to back to make you proud. Continue to rest in peace. I love you”, she cried in the Mothers’ Day video she posted on Instagram in March last year, 2018
Bobrisky Exposed

 He also just posted another one recently.

According to Enquirermag’s sources, this is someone who was still at his mother’s 60th birthday sometime in November 2016 inside Magodo whilst she was still test-running his/her gender. Infact, we’re able to get a picture of him with one of his siblings on the occasion of the mum’s 60th birthday and we’re told he (Idris) and his siblings threw caution to the wind by engaging each other’s jugular, fighting over who should pay for photography, we gathered it took the intervention of the Magodo police to pour oil on troubled water.
He lived his formative years with Alhaja inside Magodo, everybody knows them, they’re popular here, it’s just sad for him to be telling people his mum is dead, why does he want the woman dead, his mum is hale and hearty, nothing is wrong with Alhaja Bollington, she’s always in her shop where she sells provision, you can go there and talk to her”, the source told this magazine. It will interest you to find out that Bobrisky’s mum, Alhaja Bollington is as popular in Magodo as his son on social media, if you doubt this, just pick a bike from Magodo gate and tell them you’re going to Alhaja Bollington’s shop, the provision store where she sells is on 47, Abdulquadri Street, opposite MRA office, Magodo Shangisha, Lagos. 

According to sources close to the family, Bobrisky, born Idris Okuneye is the woman’s last born and his other siblings are in the US while his sister, who just relocated from the US is presently helping the old woman to run her shop in Magodo, there’s also Gideon, Bobrisky’s nephew (in the picture below) who’s his carbon copy when he was still his real self.

Bobrisky's mother, according to the source has been keeping to herself ever since she learnt of her son’s scandalously queer choice of life, “Alhaja is so sad to hear what Idris has turned to, she doesn’t usually come out in public like before, she strolls to her shop and goes back home everyday,” the source told us.

This is indeed a shocking discovery that has kept mouths wide open. Why on earth would someone declare a woman who carried him/her in her womb for 9 months dead just for fame and money. Anyway it’s never too late to reconcile with your family Bob, our honest advice.

Picture of his mum's sister below;

Picture of his mum making her hair

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