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5 signs that it's time for a raise

If you work a lot, you should also earn a lot. The reality is unfortunately often a different one. But it would be naive to blame others. The value of your work - that is salary - you negotiate first and foremost yourself. This is not alms or presents, but the result of clever negotiations. And the right time. Here and today we show you some good times that justify the question of a salary increase. However, there are a few bad times for the salary talks ...

5 signs that it's time for a raise

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When you should not ask better
What's left of the gross?
Indications that it's a good time for a raise
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When you should not ask better
If you are planning on raising your boss to raise your salary, you should be able to prove your instincts. Not every time is suitable for it. You should first note that the period since your last salary increase is sufficiently large. Their achievements, their responsibilities should have risen significantly, or something extraordinary happened, justifying the re-negotiation of salaries within a short time.

Other developments also tend to argue that you are asking for more money :

You have recently screwed up. No matter how great the desire for higher pay is: If you have recently failed a task or made a major mistake, you should wait until grass has grown over the matter. The negative impressions should be clearly faded and the damage be regulated before you ask for a salary increase. Anything else would be quite insensitive and reveal a dumb Opptunist.
They have not rendered any special services. Your goal in salary negotiation is to convince your boss that you and your work deserve higher pay. You can easily imagine that the argument - I sit here daily my time off and perform service by regulation - is none. Nevertheless, some contemporaries try the same: they have nothing to offer, but still want more money ... futile! Wait, for example, until you have completed a successful project.

With the timing for the salary increase , it is important to catch the boss right on the right foot . If the conversation starts with a bad mood, you can usually give it a try: we've just lost a big customer, but I'd still like to talk to you about my salary ... - You can easily imagine where that leads.

But there are alternatives. If you think about the right time and have already gathered a few good arguments, nothing speaks against a salary ...

What's left of the gross?
Extra tip iconIf you want to find out what's left of your next gross salary, we'll have a free gross net salary calculator for you . For example, you can determine how much of the targeted gross increase after deduction of payroll taxes and social security contributions on the bank account arrives net. Simply enter your current gross salary, payroll tax, church tax and other information. The free tool already calculates your net salary.

Indications that it's a good time for a raise
Do not be afraid of a salary talk ! If you have good arguments, measurable achievements and considerable achievements, you can calmly confidently and demand more salary.

Ideally, however, you do not negotiate a salary increase - this sounds like every boss immediately after higher costs . But a salary adjustment .

This may sound semantically subtle, but makes a psychological difference: adaptation sounds at the same time after a correction - something must be adapted to new conditions . And that's only fair ...

Moreover, there are some good indications that the right time for a salary increase has come. These…

They have evolved
Since the last salary negotiation you have acquired many new skills (certificate?), Do more and better work and may have even taken on greater responsibility in the team? Then a salary increase is not only appropriate, but overdue. Remember that your salary was last calculated using your past skills and responsibilities. Meaning, if your know-how and added value for the company has improved, this should be reflected in the salary.

You have received better offers
Another company is ready to hire you - with a higher salary. If you do not necessarily want to change jobs, you should use the occasion to renegotiate with your employer. But attention: Please no blackmail or coercion. First and foremost, negotiate a higher salary and mention the other offer only incidentally. The attitude should be: you give your boss - for whom you would like to continue working - the chance to hold you and to quantify a new value for you.

But also expect that he does not go along. In that case you have to change the job - otherwise you will stand there like a bluffer.

Your colleagues all deserve more than you
Granted, salaries are always negotiated individually and not relative. Meaning: "colleague X earns more" is not an argument. Maybe he / she will do more, finish faster or be better qualified. Or the colleague just negotiated better. Anyone who complains and misuses the injustice of the world as an argument not only makes himself small and a jealous victim, but also shows that he himself has no performance arguments for more money.

But, of course, if you find that other colleagues were able to negotiate a salary surcharge because of increased benefits or responsible projects, you can do so - provided that you can refer to comparable changes or qualifications.

The order situation of your company is positive
Even if the boss would like to pay you more, the company's order book may speak against it. However, this applies in both directions: If the orders and sales increase, employees (in the literal sense) can also participate in this. After all, it's their merit too. So, if things are going well for the foreseeable future, that's a good time to ask for a raise.

They offer added value
And literally. Who creates more value, has earned more. As already mentioned several times, performance is the most important argument for more money. Because the salary is nothing else than the payment for your work. If it becomes more or becomes more productive, more effective ... at the same time, a salary increase is a matter of course. So do not be shy: Take a self-confident approach to your interests.

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