Saturday, 11 November 2017

Three men got a death sentence after gang-raping and killing a 15-year-old girl.

The district judge in a local court in India’s western state of Maharashtra sentenced Santosh Lonkar, Mangesh Lonkar and Datta Shinde to death in the gang rape and murder of the minor this Saturday
“The three offenders were found to have been involved in the 2014 Loni Mavala gang rape and murder case,’’ a court official at Amhednagar district court said.
Local media reports said parents of the victim hailed the judgment.
Police said on August 22, 2014, a Class Nine (JS3) student was kidnapped in the Loni Mavala area of Ahmednagar district, east of Mumbai city, and subjected to gang rape.
However, the victim was subsequently murdered.
The girl’s family told police she was kidnapped while on her way to meet her grandfather.
The police later found her body, with several knife cuts, by the roadside.
The unforgivable crime had sent shock waves in the whole state and triggered protests, demanding speedy trial to ensure justice for the victim’s family.

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