Saturday, 18 November 2017

Nine reasons why college bsc is better than polytechnic hnd

1 fine of teachers – you cannot simply examine the revel in and knowledge of teachers they have got in a university placing to that of the polytechnic. Maximum university lecturers are professors and phd holders with years of teaching coupled with revel in to reveal for it. In reality, maximum grasp diploma holders in a few universities are mere assistant lecturers.
This isn't always so for our polytechnics in which maximum in their so-called ‘skilled’ teachers are mere bsc holders who are college graduates. Maximum rectors of polytechnics are msc holders, though not all, just a few are phd holders. At instances, even corps members lecture in some polytechnics.
2 qualification for front – the qualification for front into the university is extra strict in comparison to that of polytechnics. Obviously, jamb utme cut off for universities is extremely excessive, at times, this leads to frustration of jambites, which makes them resort to polytechnics.
3 investment from government – nigerian universities are plenty extra funded via authorities than polytechnics. Funding is one of the ways to decide the best of an organization.
In case you word, the authorities and the media in fashionable pay extra attention to the call for of asuu over asup. Even though, some universities would possibly determine to play slim with the funds.
This is why products of universities are usually educated higher than those of polytechnics.
Four research paintings– universities are the muse of researches and that is the root of development in institutions. Even though the great of studies work in nigerian universities is terrible, it is nevertheless a long way better compared to that of polytechnics that do very negligible or feeble research works.
5 lovely and massive campus environment – mere systems and architectures of buildings in an institution goes a long way in telling about the satisfactory of such institution.
Taking oau for instance, whether oau remains the maximum beautiful campus in africa or no longer is a controversy supposed for every other day. But no polytechnic in nigeria may even compete with the group in phrases of structures and its landmass.
6 excellent of students – it’s a no-brainier that the most high-quality college students visit universities. In most polytechnics, all you see is dejected and vintage students who have taken jamb utme more than a couple instances however no good fortune, then resorted to such institution. Simply few of polytechnic students are younger and smart, no hate.
7 scholarships choice – authentic scholarship our bodies rarely observe polytechnic college students on the subject of scholarship offering. Simplest university undergraduates could have the opportunity to use for such scholarships. Not only on the undergraduate level however additionally postgraduate scholarships.
Meaning, there i hardly scholarships for polytechnic college students. This is some other form of discrimination in some experience.
8 market demand – marketplace preference for bsc is a long way better than for ond/hnd. Ond/hnd holders are most instances visible as middle level manpower although that became the goal while polytechnics had been first of all created.
There are greater possibilities for bsc holders even out of doors the usa and international extensive.
9 self confidence – a median bsc holder has a tendency to have greater self belief and self-belief than a hnd holder. That is but now not the fault of hnd holders, they handiest need to face stiff discrimination in the employment market, for this reason having a bad impact on their self confidence.
Those and some other motives are why polytechnic college students are difficulty to discriminations everywhere to discover themselves.
Disclaimer : this post is not in any way meant to electrify, oppress or make each person experience depressed. It's miles just a mere statement from an average human being who's problem to flaws and sure to jot down in any respect phrases that form from the letters he likely randomly typed.

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