Friday, 10 November 2017

How a teenage girl ran away with her boyfriend because she wants to have fun

A teenage girl named Lawal,lives in Ilogbo, Oko Afo, a neighbouring community has ran away  with her boyfriend,known as Akin, on October 22 and yet to return home.
We were told that a friend of the girl, known as Kemi, linked her up with Akin, who is said to be an okada (motocycle) rider. It was said 22-year-old Akin and Lawal had met in a church on the day, from where she took her away.the case was reported at the Morogbo Police Division, but the police had yet to find akin.
The girl's father named Isah, a dock worker in Apapa, said that Kemi and Akin’s parents had frustrated efforts to find his daughter. He said:

“I have been searching for her for two weeks. I went to my workplace in Apapa. When I came back, her siblings told me that she went to Holy Mary Church, where Akin waited for her. The pastor of the church, a woman, confirmed to me that she saw her and Akin, but said they left before the end of service that day.
“I went to Akin’s house. His mother said she did not know his whereabouts and that he only came home every evening. I told the police what she said, but they said they would not arrest her.
“Kemi said she knew where he passes the night. I have been begging her parents to allow her take me to the place. She was the one that introduced my daughter to Akin. He is an okada rider.”
Isah, who said his daughter had been decent until she struck a relationship with Kemi, explained that she had fled to Kemi’s house and spent two days with her a week before running away with Akin. He said,
“I have been responsible for her upbringing and that of her sisters since their mother died five years ago. She changed suddenly and her behaviour has become strange.
“A week before she fled with Akin, I returned from work in the evening on Friday. A neighbour told me that she went out with Kemi. “When I got there, Kemi’s mother said she had gone out with Kemi to iron her clothes. She returned home the following day and I warned her not to associate with Kemi again.”
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, said the case was reported at the Morogbo division.
He said,
“ During investigation, he (Isah) said he suspected somebody who is her boyfriend. Investigation is still ongoing to arrest the boyfriend and find the daughter of the man. A case of missing person was reported at the station that day.”

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