Saturday, 11 November 2017

General overseer ends the wedding of a man who sent his real wife abroad for prostitution

The founder of Heaven International Fire Ministry, Edo state, James Chinwuba, has penalised a member for sending his wife to Europe for prostitution and taking another woman to the church for marital vows.
In a viral video online the pastor called out the couple who had already printed their wedding cards, and embarrassed them in front of the whole church
A family member of the man’s original wife told the congregation they haven’t heard nor seen their daughter ever since she went abroad, also their in-law had earlier rejected plans for a new marriage when he was questioned.
According to Pastor James,the general overseer, Endurance Itsegbe got married to the woman, sent her abroad to work and make money for him, while he planned another wedding in Nigeria, unluckily for him the pastor has been told of his secret dealings.
The bride, Joy Charles was aware that he was originally married and still accepted to go ahead with the marriage plans.
The couple were, however, sent out and embarrassed from the church

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