Saturday, 18 November 2017

Banky w shares words of recommendation to psquare and jude okoye as he makes use of beans, plantain and dish as an example (photograph)

The use of a meals analogy in a unique birthday message to peter and paul okoye this nighttime, bankyw not directly weighed into their break up and shared very clever advice.
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I just were given again to nigeria the day past, after the better part of 4 months away. Naturally, one of the things i overlooked the most while being away became the food. So i tried going to considered one of my favourite african restaurants to order some. The whole thing seemed normal till i attempted to region an order. I requested for beans and plantain… the waiter stated i ought to have one or the alternative, but now not the 2 at the equal time. I was pressured. I decided to head for jollof rice and hen. Same tale. Pounded yam and egusi??? No, sorry, it’s both pounded yam or egusi.. Not each together. I used to be genuinely at a loss for words. This didn’t make experience to me, in any respect. The waiter then tried to give an explanation for.. Using phrases like “trade”, “increase” and “trying a new direction”. However i didn’t and still don’t recognize. Why change what was already ideal? He defined that any option i selected might still taste right. So, due to the fact hunger was killing me, i tried it. Within the past few days i’d try plantain at some point, after which beans every other. And so on. And they did taste top. But they were best together. Sincerely best. The high-quality of the nice of african cuisine.
It’s unlucky that now and again, with increase, exchange and something-different-phrase u wanna use… we come to be dropping sight of in which and how we started out, and altering what changed into a wonderfully working combination. It makes me sad. But such is existence i bet. For now, i will should make do with both beans or plantain, and both jollof or chook, at one of a kind times. It isn’t quite the same though, so right here’s hoping in the future someone will recognise that u should in no way ought to select among two excellent things, when both, collectively, make a great aggregate.
I leave out beans & dodo at my favorite restaurant. Sigh.
In other information, happy birthday @peterpsquare & @rudeboypsquare.
Shoutout to the chef @judeengees. I love you all. ?? #thebankstatements #foodforthought #yalldothedishes

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