Saturday, 1 July 2017

Woman rescued by police after threatening to jump to her death stayed on tree for 5 hours

According to reports, the residents of Mhinga village outside Malamulele, Limpopo, South Africa,were thrown into a state of confusion after spotting a woman who wanted to kill herself...

The woman identified  as 33-year-old Dorcus Baloyi climbed hugh up a marula tree and threatened to jump down to her death.
Dorcas was eventually  convinced to come down from the tree by policemen five hours after she climbed up.

An eyewitness identified as Dashen Shivambu said Dorcus refused to come down when  other residents tried to convince her until they went to get the police

“She was walking back and forth on a branch. I stopped the car and went to find out what the problem was. An officer climbed up the tree to get her to come down but she said she didn’t need police assistance.”

A police spokesman identified as Moatshe Ngoepe, said:
“If the woman  was  violent, police would have helped  to get her down and take her to hospital. In that event, we advise her family to involve social workers if necessary.”

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