Wednesday, 2 December 2015

LIB reader narrates a strange occurence at Lagos airport today

"I don't know how else to get this information out to the general public so I decided to contact you. I just arrived in Lagos on a flight from Owerri. As the plane was taxiing to a halt, I looked out the window and saw something rolling on the runway like a piece of luggage that fell out of a moving plane. When we disembarked the aircraft, I realize that it was a man that had been knocked down to the ground by the air from another aircraft on the tarmac. The man got up and was severely bruised from rolling on the tarmac. He took off into the bush by the tarmac in spite of the severe bruising he suffered. Some ground staff tried to catch him, but till we were picked up from the tarmac they hadn't caught him. People started to speculate if he was a boko haram terrorist trying to plant something on an aircraft, or perhaps he had already planted something and was just trying to get away. Please post to see if the appropriate authorities can investigate and perhaps comment to let us know that air travel is still safe. It was quite scary, and the speculation of terrorism is even more scary.

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