Monday, 26 October 2015

End Lagos-Ibadan express pain

For some time now, driving through the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway is likened to passing through hell! Most sections of the road have failed completely! Motorists now dread to ply this economic and all-important highway that connects the South-East, South-West, South-South and the entire northern states! In fact, from this very road, motorists can link up to some West African countries like Ghana, Benin Republic, and Ivory Coast...
A glaring section of the road that is causing motorists and residents a nightmare is the failed portion between Punch newspapers and Arepo intersection! The bone of contention here are pockets of potholes, flooded areas that will not cost much to repair! In fact, a cursory look at the cost implication to fix that may not be more than N200,000!
But those concerned will not fix it rather they prefer Nigerians to be subjected to horrendous sufferings on a daily basis! Mere navigating from the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church to Arepo takes an average of one hour! This is something that ordinarily would take three minutes. As if that is not enough, the other flank of the busy expressway is also plagued by the same bad portions that motorists passing through the Long Bridge spend close to one hour to meander through the bad spots of the road! In fact, there are large gullies and craters that can bury a child right in the road!
The cost implication of this bad road is multifaceted as motorists subject their vehicles to unnecessary stress that damages and shortens the lifespan of their vehicles through overheating. Excessive fuel is consumed in a journey that ought to take five minutes that ends up taking one hour or even more!
Many motorists suffer different shades of health problems ranging from high blood pressure, heart failure, body pain, stress as a result of long stay in the avoidable hold-up.
Most times, motorists are attacked particularly in the night by hoodlums who cash in on the traffic jam occasioned by the bad road to attack them.
It doesn’t require rocket science to do palliative jobs on the failed portions of the road. The situation is also replicated in the Mowe and Ibafo sections of the all-important road.
It is sheer wickedness in high places that the authorities concerned, especially the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, will allow the citizens to continually pass this stress and express pain daily without fixing the road. There are even insinuations that anybody or company that ventures to pour sands, concrete to alleviate the sufferings of motorists will attract the wrath of the Federal Ministry of Works as the person will be prosecuted!
Enough is enough as a clarion call is hereby placed to those concerned to a matter of urgent national priority fix these calamitous portions of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway! This may be the short term approach of the long term vision of making this important road a globally accepted one. Contractors involved should be mobilised to site to speedily complete the project. It does not speak good that a contract for the road that was awarded and inaugurated in 2013 has still not yet got to the Redemption Camp! Motorists on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway are suffering and an urgent action needs to be done! And the time for that is now!

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